Built on-top of JetBrains technology

Edaphic Studio starts from JetBrains' IDE technology. JetBrains develops world-leading IDEs for Java, Ruby, Python, C/C++, Rust and is the official IDE for Android app development.

Starting from best-of-breed existing technology allows us to integrate many expected IDE features like project management and revision control.

JetBrains also have an active 3rd party app store for even more features and languages.

Below are some examples of great built-in features available on all platforms.

Edaphic Studio is not associated with JetBrains

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Version Control Built-in

Graphical version control comes standard. Provides a great summary of which files has changes and a grapical diff of each change. 

You can perform automatic reformatting of code during commit or update the copyright header

Support all major revision control programs like GIT, SVN, CVS and Perforce

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Keyboard Driven coding

All commonly used commands are mapped to configurable keyboard short-cuts. To any command you can also hit ctrl-alt-a to bring up the run any command action where you can fuzzy search for a command

Key mappings can be configured to be similar to emacs and there is even a powerul vim emulation mode built in. 

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Integrated Terminal

With Edaphic.Studio the need to use the command line is reduced. But when you need it there is a great terminal built-in. Simply hit ctrl-f12 to bring up a terminal.

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Polygot Experience

Starting from leading software IDE technology allows us to include many languages from a thriving user community. All common languages like Python, Perl, Ruby, Shell scripts, Rust and many more are supported through plug-ins


Works Where you work

Edaphic.Studio is easy to install and works where you work be it on Linux, Windows or even Mac. You can even install it without admin privileges in your home account - though we do recommend central install.

Updates are automatically pushed and installed with a click.


Updates automatically

Edaphic.Studio will notify you when new updates are available. When you have a minute over just click "update" and restart your editor to get the latest features and bug fixes