Edaphic Studio is building a subscription-based SystemVerilog IDE with unique features. Our goal is to be the best day-to-day SystemVerilog editor - reducing errors and increasing productivity as you type without using external tools.

Built on IntelliJ

Edaphic Studio is built upon JetBrains state of the art IDE technology. JetBrains IDEs provides a modern, actively developed platform with great built-in features and an active plug-in community. JetBrains makes state-of-the-art IDEs for languages including Java, C/C++, Python, and Ruby. Google's official Android Studio IDE is built using JetBrains technology.

So Edaphic Studio contains all the functionality you've come to expect from a modern IDE, from project management to version control integrations across all platforms. Building on a JetBrains IDE also allows us to provide unique in-editor inspections.

Unique as-you-type SystemVerilog engine

We have created an advanced SystemVerilog engine that actively analyzes the code as you type. The engine is fast, and there is no need for an external compile phase to get the results. This engine understands not only SystemVerilog syntax but the project hierarchy as well. It even analyzes and resolves compiler directives (like defines). With this engine, we can offer a lot of unique editor features like code fixes and project-wide renames. These features make day to day coding faster and easier.

We will add other common IDE elements, like tool-chain compile and debug, in the medium term future.